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Investigation Uncovers Link between Damascus Vegetables and Cholera and Cancer

Syria Indicator Translated by: Nabil Nabo A thorough investigation has brought to light the contamination of vegetables consumed by residents of Damascus. Samples taken from these vegetables were analyzed in both private and official laboratories, revealing alarming findings. The investigation further unveils the distressing reality that farmers in rural Damascus rely on polluted sewage water […]

Al-Shqayfat… Who destroys the habitat of sea turtles in Syria?

Syria Indicator Investigation: Hazem Mustafa Development and follow-up: Ali Eid Translation: Nabil Nabo Sea turtles in Syria paid the price for human wars, corruption, and tampering with nature.  Nowadays, they are migrating their habitats in a country whose beaches were classified as one of the best nesting and hatching areas in the Mediterranean basin. Sea […]