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What is Syria Indicator 

Syria Indicator is an independent journalism platform that focuses on accountability and produces investigative reports about the situation inside and outside Syria. Those reports handle economic, social and environmental issues. The reports follow the impact of war from many angles, and enlighten what helps in rebuilding the state in the future.

Mission and Impact of Syria Indicator:

  • Achieving the greatest impact in more than one direction, as it adopts the task of informing the public about issues that are difficult to address in the daily news media, with the aim of forming an opinion based on correct information and responsible treatments.
  • Influencing the decisions of the responsible authorities (governments, international organizations) on important issues, whether by exposing and tracking corruption, or by highlighting deficiencies.
  • Building a network of cooperation and advocacy with civil society organizations, and interested media and research institutions, to achieve the greatest impact and follow-up.
  • “Syria Indicator” prioritizes solutions journalism, using suggestions from specialists after diagnosing phenomena and issues.

Our Activities

Discover how our commitment to investigative journalism and data-driven reporting is driving change. We’re dedicated to influencing key decision-makers and promoting transparency. Explore our core activities below:


Producing Impactful Journalism

We produce investigative journalism and support cross-border initiatives, uncovering corruption and exposing societal deficiencies to inspire change.

Connecting with Our Community

Our platform fosters interaction, welcomes source suggestions, and connects the public with investigative journalists for a united voice in pursuing truth.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Stay at the forefront of investigative and data journalism with our latest tools and techniques, empowering you to make a difference.

Championing Transparency

We work to ensure access to public information and documents, fostering accountability at all levels.

Meet Our team

The Syria Indicator team includes professional journalists, and it adopts a policy of opening the field to young cadres, and providing a participatory opportunity for everyone who works on responsible and independent media content.

علي عيد

Ali Eid

Co-Founder , Editor-in-Chief

Since 1997, Ali Eid has moved between several media outlets and managed newsrooms and journalistic teams. He worked in investigative journalism, and wrote articles on specialized media and political affairs. He is active in defending press and public freedoms, and headed the Syrian Journalists Association between 2016 and 2020.

ميساء آقبيق 2

Maisaa Akbik

Secretary general

She worked with different media outlets like radio, print papers and newsrooms in television since 1988. During the time she worked as writer, reporter, presenter, producer of talk shows. She was elected two times as a member of Syrian Journalist Association’s board and worked as a volunteer to serve media field and its cases

أحمد مراد

Ahmed Murad

Board member

Since 2008, he has worked in Syrian media outlets and wrote with Arab and foreign websites He worked as a project manager in Syrian civil society organizations and supervised the researchers production related to the situation in Syria. He was elected as a member of Syrian Journalist Association’s board 2018 - 2020

We are a nonprofit organization

Licensed in accordance with the Associations Law 1901 - France No. W442028309

Our Partners

Syria Indicator maintains its independence and builds its partnerships in line with this approach. It operates as a non-profit organization and plans to transform into a for-profit company when conditions are right.