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“Young Journalist” Award from “Thomson” and “FPA”

تستهدف الجائزة الصحفيين من الدول التي يقل فيها نصيب الفرد من الدخل القومي عن 20 ألف دولار أمريكي (Thomson Foundation)
Caroline Ariba, The Sunday Vision, Uganda, gives her acceptance speech after winning the 2015 Thomson Foundation Young Journalism Award. (Thomson Foundation)

The Thomson Foundation and the Foreign Press Association in Britain (FPA) continue to receive applications for registration for young journalists to receive the “Young Journalist” Award, for which registration ends in October 2024.
The award targets journalists from and living in countries whose per capita national income is less than 20,000 US dollars.

the conditions:

– The participant must be 30 years old or younger.
– Be from a country that meets the GNI criteria, submit your reports from that country, and if not a resident of your country of origin, you can apply if you are in another country that fits the GNI criteria.
– Each participant must submit a portfolio of three published or broadcast works produced within 12 months, before August 9.

Entries can be in any format, print, audio, multimedia or a combination of all three.
Entries can be in any language, but with translation into English. Entries must also be accompanied by a letter from the applicants’ current editor, on official letterhead bearing the company’s name, confirming that the published work is by the applicant.
If the applicant is self-employed or independent, verification can be provided by an editor from one of the publications or websites in which the work has appeared, or by a journalistic academic familiar with the applicant’s work.
The participant must provide an explanation of any collaboration undertaken with colleagues or external organizations on the stories he or she has submitted. Plagiarism checks will also be conducted and any participant found to have submitted work that is not their own will be permanently disqualified.

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