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Syria Indicator’s Pursuit of Idlib’s Antiquity Thieves and Their Devastating Alliances

This investigation delves into the methods of smuggling and trafficking in antiquities in Idlib, located in northwestern Syria, along with the corrupt practices within Syrian government institutions concerning antiquities. The study relies on interviews with specialists, correspondence with institutions dedicated to heritage preservation, and reports from international organizations and government bodies. Near the international highway […]

Investigation Uncovers Link between Damascus Vegetables and Cholera and Cancer

A thorough investigation has brought to light the contamination of vegetables consumed by residents of Damascus. Samples taken from these vegetables were analyzed in both private and official laboratories, revealing alarming findings. The investigation further unveils the distressing reality that farmers in rural Damascus rely on polluted sewage water for irrigating crops, which are then […]

Fueling the Flames of War The Plight of Kurdish Children in Northeastern Syria

In the heart of Qamishli, northeastern Syria, the anxious parents of young Kurdish girl, Laura, awaited her return from school. To their shock, she had vanished, drawn into the clutches of a recruitment camp, emerging alongside a group of young girls, gripping a gun in her trembling hand. Fearful of reprisal, Laura, now anonymous, courageously […]

The Fall of Yarmouk: War Economy Laws Leave Capital of Palestinian Diaspora in Ruins

Crowds in Yarmouk camp waiting to receive food aid, February 2014 (archive)

An investigative report has uncovered the manipulation of property rights and compensation in the Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus. The report sheds light on the involvement of militias and individuals, labeled as fronts for the regime, who have systematically worked to strip Palestinian refugees of their rights. The investigation is based on testimonies […]

Hmeimim Pays No Bills

Russian soldiers in a military parade inside Hmeimim, January 1, 2021. (Russian Ministry of Defense) Russian Military Air Base - Hmeimim - Syria

An investigation report reveals the details of the contracts under which Russia took control of the Hmeimim Air Base in Syria, the extent of the violations and the use of the Syrian resources for free, and the impact of the military actions on civilians, economics, and security. As you visit the Syrian coast near Jableh, […]

War-Torn Wombs: The Surge of Caesarean Sections Driven by Greedy Doctors in Syria

Out of every 1,000 Syrian children, 630 were born via caesarean section, a rate of 63 percent in 2019.

Over the past decade, Syria has experienced an alarming surge in C-section deliveries, a consequence of the ongoing security crisis since 2011 and the resulting economic and healthcare system decline. In 2019, global statistics revealed Turkey’s high C-section rate of 54.4 percent (544 children out of every 1,000 births). Shockingly, Syria’s rate at that time, […]

Al-Shqayfat… Who destroys the habitat of sea turtles in Syria?

Sea turtles in Syria paid the price for human wars, corruption, and tampering with nature.  Nowadays, they are migrating their habitats in a country whose beaches were classified as one of the best nesting and hatching areas in the Mediterranean basin. Sea turtles were not living in their best conditions before 2011, but things got […]