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An investigative report reveals ISIS crimes in “Mansoura Prison” in Raqqa

An investigative report revealed that the “Islamic State” (ISIS) organization has a close connection to a mass grave discovered near the most important prisons, ISIS used it in Raqqa (northeastern Syria), and it may contain the remains of some of the victims who were detained inside the prison. The report published by “Syrian Justice and Accountability […]

German police are investigating the theft of Syrian antiquities

German police arrested a person in possession of a group of artifacts that disappeared from Syria years ago, including a cuneiform tablet (an ancient Archaeological Rakeem) that is thousands of years old. Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that investigators in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg believe that the tablet (Archaeological Rakeem), inscribed with one of the […]

“Syrians”: 52 Children Recruited in AANES Areas in 2023

Documented by “Syrians for Truth and Justice” Recruit at least (52) A child during the year 2023, in areas under the authority of the Autonomous Administration of northeastern Syria. “Syrians” (An independent Syrian organization) mentioned, it is Despite the pledges and promises made by the Autonomous Administration authorities regarding preventing the phenomenon of child recruitment […]

JournalismAI Fellowship explores innovative solutions

Journalists and technologists from media organizations worldwide can apply for a free virtual fellowship. The JournalismAI Fellowship Program, organized by the JournalismAI team at Polis – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science – and supported by the Google News Initiative, is accepting applications. Through project-based work, the program aims […]

The Arab Forum of Science Media is accepting submissions

Receive a fellowship now to join the Arab Forum of Science Media and Communication and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience of learning, networking, and sharing knowledge! (Please note that this fellowship solely covers attendance and does not encompass accommodation, visas, or flights) The Arab Forum of Science Media and Communication is the largest event […]

Victims of Iraqi Militias: Syrian Women Forced into Prostitution in Iraq

“My husband beats me every day, forcibly subjecting me to engage in sexual acts in hotels and residences. He then brings me back home, repeating the same cycle after hitting me with his belt,” Nada recounts in a tone that almost sounds neutral, reflecting the torment she endures in Karbala, Iraq. Her existence there has […]

Sexual Harassment versus Academic Success at Tishreen University

An investigation is underway to uncover the incidents of sexual harassment faced by female students at Tishreen University, perpetrated by teaching staff in exchange for favorable grades. This inquiry also scrutinizes administrative corruption by interviewing female students who have been victims of sexual harassment within the university, particularly in the teachers’ offices. She left his […]

Syria Indicator’s Pursuit of Idlib’s Antiquity Thieves and Their Devastating Alliances

This investigation delves into the methods of smuggling and trafficking in antiquities in Idlib, located in northwestern Syria, along with the corrupt practices within Syrian government institutions concerning antiquities. The study relies on interviews with specialists, correspondence with institutions dedicated to heritage preservation, and reports from international organizations and government bodies. Near the international highway […]