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An investigative report reveals ISIS crimes in “Mansoura Prison” in Raqqa

An investigative report revealed that the “Islamic State” (ISIS) organization has a close connection to a mass grave discovered near the most important prisons, ISIS used it in Raqqa (northeastern Syria), and it may contain the remains of some of the victims who were detained inside the prison. The report published by “Syrian Justice and Accountability […]

German police are investigating the theft of Syrian antiquities

German police arrested a person in possession of a group of artifacts that disappeared from Syria years ago, including a cuneiform tablet (an ancient Archaeological Rakeem) that is thousands of years old. Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that investigators in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg believe that the tablet (Archaeological Rakeem), inscribed with one of the […]

“Syrians”: 52 Children Recruited in AANES Areas in 2023

Documented by “Syrians for Truth and Justice” Recruit at least (52) A child during the year 2023, in areas under the authority of the Autonomous Administration of northeastern Syria. “Syrians” (An independent Syrian organization) mentioned, it is Despite the pledges and promises made by the Autonomous Administration authorities regarding preventing the phenomenon of child recruitment […]

Investigation Uncovers Link between Damascus Vegetables and Cholera and Cancer

A thorough investigation has brought to light the contamination of vegetables consumed by residents of Damascus. Samples taken from these vegetables were analyzed in both private and official laboratories, revealing alarming findings. The investigation further unveils the distressing reality that farmers in rural Damascus rely on polluted sewage water for irrigating crops, which are then […]